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Anyone hear of anything on the 14% gear reduction???

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I am thinking of ordering this 14% gear reduction kit for my Foreman. Has anyone heard anything about them. From the people that I have seen on Highlifter that have them say that they love it. They say they can turn 28'' Laws like its nothing.
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I was talking to someone about that they said that they loved it, made a huge difference.
The gear kit does put more power to the ground, and yes u will be able to turn bigger tires, I am going to stick with the 27" zilla's, last two times I put laws and EDL's on my bike I tore up my front end. So be carefull if you buy this kit. IMO it is worth the money. Here is some of the damage it can do to you bike if u are throttle happy

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Well it sounds like a good mod, being able to crack your pumpkin means you had some serious traction and some power to back it up with. Sounds good to me, and yes i will be careful with the throttle. I e-mailed you about some info reguarding this Dirtyforeman which you just answered so just ignore it unless you have more info about it. Thanks for the quick responses.
not a problem, If u have any more questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer the best i can.
Will do, i will be ordering it tomorrow. Did you send them back your core when you ordered yours. They say its a $100 core charge.
there was nothing said about a core when I bought mine.
That was nasty when Dirtyforman broke that DGL.
QUOTE ("03honda450s":33q1dnld)
That was nasty when Dirtyforman broke that DGL.
The DGL still together this time, but everything else got busted up pretty good
How in the world did You break it. I have seen You ride and You don't ride hard.....LOL just kidding. When You gonna get it back together. Are You putting the other motor in Your Wife's bike ?
I was in a hole that I should have not been in, It had a bad lean to one side. The tires grabbed and that was it. I Just picked up another front diff. this past weekend. So I am in the process of repairing both now.
I was in the same hole thid past weekend....and dirty it has gotten alot worse again....dang bike barley will stay upright....I need a locker...I still can't crawl out of it...i can make it to the end but just not quite enough to come out....They are makeing the reductiond for the newer foremans but will be a while before they are comeing out....I'll be ready and waiting for them...
raveer I dont think we are talking about the same hole. heres some pix's
Oh okay.... i thought you meant the mini suicide this...
I bow down before both of ya'll for attempting either of
those mud holes. Both would swallow me up whole.
It did swallow me...And thats a big the bike was pretty much floating their in the pic and only my leg was keeping me from rolling over...
Just got off the phone with the company that makes the gear reduction kits. They said the company they get them from put the wrong rivets in them and it would be another 30 days before they get anymore. Doesnt look like i will be rocking the Outlaws anytime soon.
right once you get them i am sure they'll be on.
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