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Anyone have this problem???

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When i first start it my bike likes to hiccup i call it and shut off like it misses a beat or something. only does it when its cold and not warmed up.
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anyone have this problem?

Heard of it before. Is your bike jetted?

its straight stock I even idled it up cause its so bad cold
mine does that too but i think its cuz i never use the choke and i hit the start button and it cranks and i walk away to grab something and by the time i take 3 or 4 steps it is off...maybe i should start to use the choke haha, but my bike is jetted so that prob has something to do with it
I've owned three hondas starting in the 80's. All of them did the exact same thing. They will only do it once on the average and usualy when colder temperatures or not run for a couple weeks. Thats why I stick with the hondas, my 84 250sx runs identical to my 2000 450es. They start the same, shift the same and run out the same. I wouldn't worry at all it is just something we live with.
yeah hondas are alittle cold natured. but mine started right up deer hunting after siting all nite in 10 degree weather....just have to let it sit for a long time before you can ride it.
mine did the same until i changed to a NGK plug, now it fires right up
I usually pump the throttle a couple of times and hit the start. No problems,and my bike is snorked and jetted.
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