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Anyone have front toe problems?

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I picked up my Foreman about a month ago and have only gotten about 110 miles on it (not a fan of cold weather) and ever since I bought it I have noticed the front tires seem very toed out. If the bars are turned just slightly one tire seems to really be turned outward and the other looks almost straight. I have been ignoring it because the quad rides like a brand new ATV should and it has no problems and actually feels more stable than I would have thought.

The tires seems to be scuffing alot on pavement but have not worn down much at all. Do these bikes just have alot of toe out from the factory? Anyone adjusted their toe because of this?

It just seems like it's gonna wear stuff out or something.
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I was just logging on to ask the same question. Mine has a TON to Toe to it now that I got my tierods replaced. Alot before but it looks like more now.
It might just be the toe but it also looks like the camber is off.

Are there any camber adjustments on these things or just adjust the tierods for toe?

cause like above.. ^^ I got alot of toe
Now I am not a pro or an AYV mechanic but I do have some experience with this on various machines. I thought the same with my new Foreman. I checked mine with the service manual and all is proper with mine. When you look at toe with the nakid eye it can look alot worse then it actually is. Also once your weight is on it like any machine settings change for the better and that is how they are designed. In my younger days building AA Dragsters, toe adjustments could be made so that under power the wheels would come into a more aligned postion giving you more speed. Just my stab at this one.
My front toes are fine sorry I could not help it.
Haha big daddy, REAL FUNNY!

But how are you're rear toes? I think mine all fell off...
Just for a comparison the toe out on the 04 should be 20-50 mm or 0.81-1.94
My foreman is the same way....I have been goin to adjust it , but know that I know others are like that, I think Ill just leave it alone...its not that bad, but is noticable..
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":34inllwj)
Most Hondas have a lot of toe-out ..

How can this be from '99 and have 2000-2006 on it?
The models not inside the chart were added later ..
After hitting a tree on each side I noticed mine did too. I checked out the new ones at the dealership and they're the same way.
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