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ANyone had a prob like this????

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When I shift up to second gear and hammer on it I get a really quik pop noise.....It sounds like a U joint or a gear catching! It sounds like it is coming from right in front of the motor! Anyone know possibillities of what this could be???

I am gunna take her in and try to get it warrantied but I am trying to narrow down what it could be!
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es or s.
Sounds like you are just hearing the ES shifting gears.
I have the Foreman S and I get the same thing. Their was a recall on the cluthc assembly that I had fixed. I still have the problem though. Yes, it does sound like a u-joint breaking. When I hammer on it starting out in first gear I hear this loud "SNAP"! I usually get weird looked from everyone around when it happened.
Mine does the same thing unstuckable's is doing in first and when I shift into second it sounds almost like it didn't shift all the way into gear then pops in.
I dont think thats what it is! This is my second es and I havent ever heard a sound like this until I blew the front end out of my 450! I am gunna change all the fluids and everything and see if that helps and if not I am gunna take her to the dealership!
i have been having a popping noise coming from the front end for a long time. changed the bearings on both sides and still making the noise, changed the fluid...still makes noise, my bushings on the right side seem to be shot on the swing arm, once i change those the noise may stop. hopefully.

but soemtimes i hear it on the left side...

who knows.
I am a fair wrencher (and boarder line Great with Snowmachines)BUT...............Check your shocks I had a popping noise and I couldn't figure it out. So I called my pops and he came out (45 min drive) looked it over pulled a small rock out of the spring and Blamo no more noise. He was pissed he drove all the way. (I didnt care to much though I was back and with little money spent) I thought my whole front end was gonna explode. It sounded like a U-joint going out in a truck. hope all works out for ya!
I got the same thing on my 06 Foreman 500 FM S. It shifts good but, you can be riding along and get the motor in a slight bind (like uphill) and it will pop, grind or whatever you want to call it,,, kinda like it didn't quite go all the way in gear. But once it pops one time in that gear, it wont do it again untill you shift again.
could be gears, or could be swing arm bushings, or bearings, or soemthing else....
just take er in and see wat the dealership says.
No way R&F, Dont know how your dealership is, but mine is a rip off. WAY OVERPRICED. Plus I voided warrenty a month after I got mine.
Hopefully someone has run into this problem and fixed it and is willing to share some info...
Well i bought a three year warranty with mine and everything I have done to mine they said they would still cover it under warranty! If they dont I will either get a refund on my warranty or burn that bish down!

I changed my oil today and the popping sound was quieted down quiet a bit so I know its either got to be in the clutches or in the tranny! It will only do it in second gear so I'm thinkin I might have a chipped tooth on one of my gears! I am going to take it to the dealer but I know they will take forever to fix it and I wont be able to ride !! But since they have to take everything apart anyway I'm gunna see if I can get them to put a clutch kit in while they are at it!
Yea it seems that mine only does it in 2nd gear also.....Hope its not a broke tooth......I just ordered an Outlaw clutch kit from HL,,,,gonna try that first.....Hope I can tell something when I tear into it......please keep posting
ya topdog.. my dealer stands behind every item they sale dont matter wat u have done as long as it has warranty...
Thats the way it should be, but unfortunatley, not for me. My dealer flat out told me that they would'nt warranty my wheeler cause they know where I ride and said I voided it as soon as I went through the first deep mud hole. So I sold my 5 year extended warranty back to them.
Can you sell them the warranty back like that??? How long did you have it before you sold it back??
I had my warranty a little over a year, but you can sell it back to them at any time.......they just pro-rate it.
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