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Anyone got any new videos? Tired of seeing da same 4man vids

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Anyone got any new videos? Tired of seeing da same 4man vids
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actually i just finished watching them earlier today...


you ever thought about editing some together and making a dvd...???

you can throw it up on the site for sale for 5 bucks...

i would buy one!! haha
good movies, i'd buy one of thows dvds to

We do have some DVD's available from Mudfest 06 and BIDS. The bog clips on our site where copied from the dvd's. We usually film the bogs for ourselves to watch later. If you would like some info on them just shoot me an email and I can give the you the details.
there is a couple of new vids on i watched 1 and it is 11 minuts long
Dirty4man...were ya'll at the many rotory ride this weekend? get any pics or video?
Didnt make it, bike was down
Bike was down? what the....................
QUOTE ("Dirty4man":1mn6njwn)
Didnt make it, bike was down
It was a good time. Some bad bikes in the bog...but, a 450 foreman just about cleaned house against all the big motors. While they were making a lot of splash and noise he was scootin straight down the side of the pit. took second in the open class I believe...
I really wish something like that was in MN; that would be a blast.
Eric I have a post in the photo section why I was down.

TB wish we could of made it. We had a great time up there last year.
Just did this one today it's a little stupid but I will get some real footage soon. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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