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Anyone got 30"s

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I was wondering if anyone has a foreman 500 on 30"s?? I am gunna have this winter but I was wondering with a jet kit, pipe, clutch kit, and the good ole K&N would give me enough to turn em in some of the thicker stuff?? If not I'm just gunna buy another set of 28"s but I would really like to have a bigger rig!
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dirty4man has 30" mudzillas on his bike///think his bike is only a 450 but has alot of good engine mods, gear reduction and clutchkit and all that good stuff and he said he does it like its nothing
I think changing gear ratios would be a must to crank 30's, going to lose to much power otherwise.
I was looking on turner cycles and I found the gear reduction but I could only find it with the stroker kit and that was like much is just the gear reduction?? I aint building the motor till I have to! Also how much does it reduce the gearing ? Like 14%?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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