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Anyone from NC?

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I never really see anyone post in NC, all i ever see is Florida and Texas. Anyone from NC on here?
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Right after I posted, mgr came over and it was time to go. I'm officially in Raleigh starting Monday.
so what time you going to head to busco.
Whenever you wanna roll through. I'll just have my truck/trailer if I go into the office that day and tell them goodbye when you get near LOL
k ill let u know
Just wanting to check in as an NC rider. Hometown is Cleveland/ Salisbury NC but Im currently in Raleigh during the week at NC State
we've got a pretty decent sized group in Salisbury, NC and ride together we'll be headed to busco beach Sept 16th if anyone is wanting to go!
pond tunes,does your group ride in salisbury or anything closer to sc line?
I'm kinda late, but I'm from Kernersville. Uwharrie rider and yeah I'm never going up Daniel trail again. screw that.
Just south of greensboro here guys and always looking for people to go riding with.
Peanut187 told me about this website. I'm from Swepsonville, NC.
I am in the mountains here. about 30 min. from boone.
I live in huntersville just north of Charlotte.
roanoke rapids nc, do any of you go to busco beach in goldsboro if not you should check it out ?
Richlands here.
Shelby, N.C. here
ol thomasville nc here anybody go to uhwarrie?
We were talking about Busco Beach last night at the fire dept. and one of the guys said they heard that there have been alot of rule changes. Can anyone verify this? I know it's state law that you have to ride with a helmet but they were saying you had to wear a chest protector, boots, riding gloves. Pretty much like if you were going to ride a dirt bike. Any truth to this? Also, what about the trouble about with people drowning in the big swimming hole?
I was just at busco for the daisy duke contest. I think they are changing the rules for the drag strip.. considering i saw 12 ambulances come in over the course of the whole weekend to scrape people up off the strip who had wrecked... people were drag racing all night. other than that there were no other rules. ride 24hrs a day, drink beer, whatever you wanted. almost too free for me... whatever you do dont camp near a poplular trail or the atv pond...people ride til 5am, then start again at 6am.. hard to sleep to a constant BUUURRRRAAAAPPPP BUUUURRRAAAPPPP... people were not considerate at all!

and the issue with the pond is small kids.. its shallow throughout the whole pond, we walked it all, but there is like 3 ft of mud on the bottom that will suck you down... From what i understand kids have been getting stuck in the mud and not being able to get out and drouning. we swam in the river conisering you can see the showers draining into the pond...dont care much about swiming in bath water...
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Yeah, sounds a little too out of control for me. The kid I read about was 12 or 13. Bath water running into a pond? Man DHEC would have a field day with them if they knew that. Man that's just down unsanitary.
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