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Anyone from NC?

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I never really see anyone post in NC, all i ever see is Florida and Texas. Anyone from NC on here?
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Snow Camp NC here near Burlington NC.
If you are close enough to go to Goldsboro NC go to Busco Beach they don't have any rules other than a helmet rule from what I see. I love it down there. I'll be there May 27-29.
hey lest get a ride up for Busco for may 27, 28, 29. I will be back from Iraq maybe only by 5 or 6 days bit ill be back. lol Lets make plans to get up, drink a few beers, get muddy, get to know each other, and have some fun.
The only problem with CAW is the lug restrictions, and it is more expensive the Busco, I do want to go there n try CAW.
kool CAW don't have lug restrictions anymore thats good. I will have to try CAW this summer, but first Busco Beach memorial weekend. I'm not to found of rocks Me I perfer to stay in mud and water lol. I have been told Uwharrie is fun though.
I'll be at busco memorial weekend also.
I should be headed down to busco on the 27th. Not sure what time.
there is trails every where, I like trails, but I love mud lol.
Txtee coming from Charlotte you will be coming right by where I live. I'll find out for sure what time I'll be headed down there n let you know. My cell number is 336 2664235. It is still cut off, but I'll be headed home from Iraq real soon. I will have the phone cut on as soon as I hit the U.S.
so what time you going to head to busco.
k ill let u know
1 - 11 of 104 Posts
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