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Anyone from NC?

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I never really see anyone post in NC, all i ever see is Florida and Texas. Anyone from NC on here?
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Maybe Charlotte tomorrow morning....and through the rest of January.
Lots of new members been joining and lots of em are in NC. I've been working in the Charlotte area since June 2010, got family here, and wouldn't mind trailering the quad up and riding a few weekends in nearby areas during March since I should be working out here still. Anybody do family riding, trails, or know of good parks.......I'd be interested in going.
Thanks. Sweet info....def wanna check out CAW. Brushy seems too restrictive. We can't get in with our tire tread being more than 3/4 of an inch. What's with parks closing at 5 p.m. up here?
If I trailer to Charlotte, I'd be riding on the distance isn't much of an issue. May is too far out for me to know and that's Memorial Day weekend that I'd more than likely be in TX for a ride at a local park.
Awesome! I'll hopefully know more about the project next week and make up my mind. Glad you had a great time. 7 is enough if you're all good folks.
I've got to take care of some things at home this month and still up in the air with the project that I'm not ready to trailer to NC yet, plus I'm thinking of buying a new trailer once I sell my current one and find storage. But keep posting up the rides. I gotta get back to CAW.....really liked it there, was close, and $25 isn't too bad.
I sure did and liked the park/trails from the short time I was there. The trails are maintained well and I like that they were marked. It's the first time I've ever ridden without another person and I felt comfortable. If I had my quad I would have done some creek crossings. I noticed there were usually two ways to cross in areas that had standing water - which is always good.
I'm in Charlotte this week, Raleigh next. I'll try to trailer up after the 1st week in May but I need to get a new trailer and some mod work done to the truck.
I'm down for Busco. What day is everyone leaving so I know whether I should take off Friday or not.
Me neither but I'm hoping to ditch work rather early that Friday. I checked out the website but they didn't show enough trails even though they say they have em. I don't wanna ride mud pits only....but 1500+ acres should offer good variety.
Thanks, Swamp. The drive from Charlotte to Raleigh wasn't bad this morning. And Busco's 40 min from Raleigh. So either way, it'll be cool to come out and ride the whole weekend. Keep me posted when you decide what time you'll be leaving the 27th and I'll figure out if I can meet you and exchange cells, etc.
Safe travels on your return home. Tenatively it looks like Raleigh is in the works for permanent project re-relocation (yeah a 2nd time), but these fools can't make up their mind. Either way, I'm going!
Right after I posted, mgr came over and it was time to go. I'm officially in Raleigh starting Monday.
Whenever you wanna roll through. I'll just have my truck/trailer if I go into the office that day and tell them goodbye when you get near LOL
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