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Anyone from NC?

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I never really see anyone post in NC, all i ever see is Florida and Texas. Anyone from NC on here?
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Looks like your it.
I am. Not to far from Greensboro.
I guess your not the only one.
Thomasville, NC here!!!
I just ask beacuse we go to Buscoe Beach and was wondering about getting a ride up
I just recently learned about Busco Beach. Looks like alot of fun. I plan on going there also. Where are you located?
Some TriadTrailBlazer members went down to Busco Beach a few weeks ago. Theres some pics on there website.
Im 20 minutes outside of Fayetteville, it take me about an hour to hour and a half
Busco Beach

Hey Chevy,

I'm originially from Dudley NC, and use to live in Raleigh a while back.
I live in Jacksonville FL now.
I'm planning a trip to Busco Beach Easter weekend.
Hope to see you there!!


Yep, sure am. I go to Im right here in Raleigh. We do the Uwharrie trip a few times a year, but this summer we're gonna do the Croatan Nat'l Forest and a few others...Busco beach maybe...
Its awesome you oughta got to Busco, we use to go to unwharrie every other weekend, now we go to Busco twice a month it is awesome if you like mud or racing
good deal man. ya, i cant wait to get over there. you know if tellico or anywhere up in the mtns is good...i know Jeeps taht go up there, but not too many fourwheelers. thanks.

I'm from NC, I live in Selma/Smithfield. I'm 3 mins from I-95. There are a lot of us who ride around here.

i live right outside of myrtle beach sc and we went to uharrie and rode the frickin daniel trail. (the hardest there). i've also been to busco beach and took my 400 through that giant mud hole in the front. have ya'll ever been to white lake NC???
Lexington, NC here and ride Uwharrie fairly regular.
Rock Hill S.C. here and ride hat/mccoy alot !
We also ride alot in WV, Princeton and Beckley, we will be going up the 1st weekend in December, there is usually about 25-30 of us who meet up and go. We ride between 55-75 miles all through the WV mountians. We pay our gudie 10.00 each and IT IS WORTH EVERY DIME of it. We start riding about 7:00AM on the SAturday morning and return between
6-7pm that evening. If anyone is intersted in going this year let me know.

Havelock, NC
1 - 20 of 104 Posts
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