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anyone from Alabama?

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anyone? anyone?
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No, but if you got a good place to ride it could be a possible "road trip" one weekend!!!!
there is a place we have not far from where i live thats not too bad, but there is a better place about an hour from where i live that has tons of trails and whatever you want ........ not alot of deep mud holes there to get in, but it does have some, but there are more trails than anyone can ride in a one day trip!!! now the other place that is close to where i live has it's share of some deep holes that i've seen lifted trucks stuck in, but up there you can spend a whole day and see just about all there is to offer, but it's still fun. we are talking about going sunday but not sure since it's going to be like 41 degrees!!!
which model honda you riding?
I'm in West Ga. Where are these places to ride? The developers have about wiped out everywhere around here to ride..
Sounds like you have some good riding there. Our closest place is 5A and it's about a 40-45 min. trip for us. I'm sure within the next year or so they'll run us outta there too!
I ride an 04' Foreman 450 ES, 2" lift, snorkled, WARN winch, 28" 589's, AND a blown top end right now....AGAIN....for the SECOND time!
The box was dry as a bone, I think it got in thru the pull start!
that sucks ..... i've read alot about sealing the pull start, never thought about it until i read some post on here..... guess i need to look into doing that!

the place we ride that is close to us (Huntsville / north AL), is about 20 min, and the other place is down around Birmingham; which is about 1 hr or so.....
Someone ought to come up with a kit to close off that pull start! I've never used it and I can pretty-much guarantee that it would NOT recoil if I ever DID try to use it!
I see you want bigger ought to just go ahead and get the 28" Outlaws and get it over with! Those tires are great. My husband just put some on his bike a couple months ago and loves them!
ive used mine a couple of times back last year my battery was dead and that was the only way i got it started .......

i know i would love to just get some 28's and be done with it but im just afraid of a big power loss! my best friend used to have a Rubi with HL lift kit and 28 Laws and he ended up having to rejet, new exhaust and whole bunch of other stuff and he still had no power ......... i just dont want to get into having to fork out another couple hundred dollars just to have some power all because of some heavy azz tires ........ and i like the ride on all surfaces of the 589's i have, not like the Laws .... cause when your not in mud on those we all know it's riding on 4 flat tires!!!!
Yeah, I know what ya mean, you don't want to have to do all that other crap to keep the power, THEN, once you start using that extra power to push the tires, there go your axles and stuff!
I like the 589's too, they do ride pretty good.
and even though i would like some 28's, i believe if i go with 27's i wont have much more of a loss in power than with the 26's i have.....
Well I have the 28's and didn't notice any difference at all. Not that I'm any speed demon, but with going thru mud I didn't notice any difference, so you may as well go with 28's if you are getting 589's!
do you have a pic of yours with 28's?
QUOTE ("bigbird":3n3ubmk0)
do you have a pic of yours with 28's?
Well, here's a real BAD picture, but it probably shows what you want to see as far as the tires go....and remember I have a 2" lift. Shane says that although these tires are 28's, they only measure out to 27".
I live about 5 min from huntsville if you ever want to ride write me a message!
I live about 5 min from huntsville if you ever want to ride write me a message!
I live in Southern Middle TN. I am not far from Fayteville. How far are you from there?
im about 20 minutes from Fayetteville, and about an hour from Lynchburg ..... was actually in Lynchburg this weekend for my sister's wedding at Jack Daniels visitor center.
here is a link for the pull start block off plate..i just took mine off, cleaned it really good, sealed it with high-temp rtv..then put it back on, also pull the start cord out a few inches and seal it with the rtv, then put some rtv over the knot in the handle since the rope over time will act like a wick...that way if you need the pull start all you have to do is pull and when you get home just put some more rtv in it...just make sure you use the kind that stays flexible..

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