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Anyone explain how the Rincon transmission works?

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Still messing with this 06 that I've been on again, off again on for a while now.

It runs fine, takes off fine in first, but when it goes to shift into second, the rear wheels lock up. Same thing in third. First and Reverse work fine.

I found someone with a similar problem that said it is probably an issue with the flow tubes under the front cover.


"Yes that is the high flow/ low flow tubes inside that cover #17 and #18. Just back out the hex bolt, use a small flat head or a magnet to get them out. You will able to tell how they go in there. The go into your secondary clutch. When I put the cover back on my Rincon I pinched the end of the log tube which cause the exact same problem you are describing. If that is not your issue then you can make sure your transmission worm holes are clean also, which is the box right above the hex bolt."

So if I understand correctly, the Rincon runs on oil pressure. When in Reverse and first, the oil pressure is directed through a specific oil port in the valve assembly and that pressure goes to and engages the clutch under the front cover. When in 2nd and then 3rd, the oil pressure is redirected through these oil tubes to the 2nd and 3rd gear clutches, which are in the center with the crankshaft. Is that correct?

Can anyone tell me how to get out part number 38 in that linked schematic above? I took the cap off. Tube #17 came out easily enough, but the part number 38 doesn't want to move, and obviously that keeps me from being able to see tube #16.

Thanks for an insight anyone can offer.
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Do you have a 650 service manual? If you do go to the technical section and it explains the transmission. My guess would be a solenoid isn't disengaging and it trying to engage 2 clutches at the same time. I've never had this issue.
Hmmm. I'll have to download the manual. Don't have it in my files. This is the only Rincon around here and the guy sank it. I've torn it down and put it back together, and gotta figure out this shifting thing.

Did the BRGR while I was in there.

I'll look at the manual, see what I can find.
Interesting reading. Pulled up and downloaded the manual.

This thing shifted fine before I tore it down, so I'm going with something I didn't put back together right rather than a faulty part.

Looking at page 2-7 in the 680 manual, it looks like the oil feed tubes go back to clutches 2 and 3, presumably engaging them.

I'll check the solenoids and make sure they are engaged when they are supposed to be, and if they are, I'll pull the front driveshaft and front cover again and see what I find.

If I could get that one part out #38 I think I could see what I need to see without tearing into it again, but I can't figure out how to get it out. Nobody works on these things so hard to get insight from the usual online sources.
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I had a front case here so took them out. I tried pulling them (I didn't try very hard) and then just tapped on them since my cover is off. You will have to pull on them pretty hard to break the seal on the orings.

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Thank you toodeep. I appreciate that.

I'll get some vice grip needle noses and try them.
Pulling this back up.

I have the front cover off again. Valve body is clean and clear. Oil tubes look fine. Pulled the oil pump out and checked it over and it looked fine as well. I replaced all the orings in it when I had it apart.

I'm stumped.

Guy on the Rincon board has the same problem and has the oil pressure gauges and he said his oil pressure is high.
I feel the frustration as a retired auto tech.
I found this and maybe you've already read it though. Later on in the thread he figured out the 1st to 2nd lockup.

2003 Rincon Transmission Issue? - Honda ATV Forum
So after avoiding this thing for quite a while (almost a year, lol) I decided I either needed to fix it or tell him to take it to the stealership.

I ended up standing it up on the rear rack, pulling the front cover, took the oil pump apart, re-cleaned it, did the same with the valve body. Saw nothing out of place, nothing but clean in the valve body and oil pump. Orings looked good, everything looked good.

So I bought the oil pressure gauge and fitting required to do an oil pressure test on the valve body that controls the transmission.

Got the front cover, water pump, valve body bolted back up, and dropped it on 4 wheels again. Cranked it up, and the dang thing shifts now.


So, whatever. It works. Don't know what was wrong with it, and don't know why it works now, but it works, so I'm going to check out the rattle the top end has, get all the plastics and stuff bolted back on, and give it back to him before something else goes wrong, and tell him to NEVER bring me a Rincon again.

On the rattle, had a .25 over bore done with new piston and rings, new oil pump chain, and new timing chain. I adjusted the valves but need to recheck them. I suspect the tensioner might be the problem.
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