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Anyone else?

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Does anyone else get doged on for having a yellow foreman?? I get picked on all day long! Anyone else?
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i never heard of getting picked on because you had a yellow 4wheeler. to be honest with you yellow is what i wanted becaue i think it looks the best. if the person that is picking on you has a smaller 4wheeler than you challenge him to a mud bog, but if he has a bigger 4wheeler than you, you could allays walk away.
I've not really been dogged out about it, but have been asked why i got yellow
instead of a differant color.
I've got a green one. Yesterday, i spent a good bit of time trying to find it!
I have a green 05 Foreman, but I love the yellow color on all of Honda's ATV's. I would say that yellow it about the best looking of all the colors.
QUOTE ("ClayPick":3l82u288)
I've got a green one. Yesterday, i spent a good bit of time trying to find it!
One of the reasons I wanted yellow!

Sorry guys I was drunk and had just came from a party, when I wrote that, where a lot of my friends were giving me poop about it. I don't care what anyone says about my fourwheeler I was just drunk!

I guess I needed my "fellowship of the yellow hondas" group there to help me out!
I love my yellow....when I got my first foreman, a 450, I got it used, and at first I thought the yellow was awful, but after the black wheels, it really grew on me, then I bought my 500 new, and got yellow again, I think the yellow looks great.
yellow i think is theeeeeee best looking color, that and you cant see the scratches

i wanted yelllow too but thay didnt have any.
personally i love the red for hondas but unlike you guys with the yellow i will be regretting it in acouple years when the red is all scratched and faded the yellow will stay looking much better then the red or green bikes will
All the past Honda's I've owned were red so when I went to buy the 500 I wanted yellow.They didn't have any!Said it would be two weeks.So I bought a red one.The dealer told me he doesn't sell many yellow models.
QUOTE ("plumcuda":2flbqnyn)
The dealer told me he doesn't sell many yellow models.
Where I got mine the dealer said they had to hide the yellow ones so they could sell the green and red ones.
I wanted a yellow one too, but when I went to go and buy one they had a yellow and green together on the showroom floor, but I wanted brand new (because each of them had a few miles of "test" riding on them). So I bought the color that they didn't have put together (red) so I could make sure I was the one to put the first mile on it.
I love the yellow on the Hondas! I had a 05 Yellow Rancher before I got my green Foreman. I did notice that the yellow fades considerably almost as soon as your ride it. Now to be honest it could have something to do with the degreaser I use to wash mine, but that usually takes months of washing to start to fade other plastics. I wouldnt have noticed it except I blasted the dealer sticker off with a pressure washer the second time I rode/washed it. Under the sticker it was still the "new" yellow and the rest was a noticable different shade. And the only other reason I got a green one this time is, the green ones are easier to sell to hunters when I decide to get rid of it.
i had a 03 yellow foreman before my 05 red red one is about 4 months old and looks way worse than my yellow one did after 2.5 years of abuse..their is nothing wrong with yellow..
Red is better.........thats what i have
Both the 500 and the 650 are red...but for safety purposes...meaning riding down a trail, you see the yellow WAY WAY before you see the red, blue, green. Yellow is a pretty hot color. You can add mods that will make it look sweet.
notrhing but compliments here but most of my buddies have yellow also
why is it that all these dealer ship say that they dont have the yellow bikes thats what i wonted i would not have another green one so i wound up with a red one
I was told by the dealer at champions honda in cocoa florida that since they yellow bikes are not an original color of honda that most people dont buy them because the resale value goes down on the yellow bikes but i think that is b/s i would pay the same for the yellow bike as i would any other one that they far as i am concerned as long as it is a honda motor i dont need plastics just handelbars and a go go juice button
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