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Anyone changed out the front headlights?

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I've been blowing bulbs like crazy due to water getting in the stock headlights and I'm tired of waiting 3 days for new bulbs to be ordered and shipped into the dealer. Has anyone swapped out some kinda automotive headlight bulb or housing and all but kept the stock mounting position?
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My lower lights were just about useless, especially with the custom front bumper. I just disconnected them and mounted a pair of 55 watt fog pattern driving lights to the front bumper. They are awesome on trails and surprisingly good for open areas.
For the upper light, I replaced the wiring socket with one for a standard H4 bulb. This bulb fits the stock lens with just a little trimming. I ran a fused 12 ga wire direct from the battery to the headlight housing. I mounted 2 relays inside the housing and used the original hi and low circuits to the lower lights to switch the relays.
I installed a readily available " off road " rated H4 bulb that gives me 80 watts on low beam and 100 on high , controlled by the stock switch. This combines with the large reflector to give an amazing amount of light from a setup that looks original, all for less than $20.00.
Finally I mounted a switch in the housing and connected it to the ground on the relay coils to turn of the upper light when i carry my rifle on the front rack.
For the reverse light I just mounted a compact 55w driving light on the rear bumper. The light is powered thru a relay with the + side of the coil wired to the tail lights and the - wired to the ground switch on the engine for the reverse indicator light in the dash. This way the light will come on whenever the lights are on and the bike is in reverse.
I know you were looking to keep the stock location but maybe some of these ideas may help.
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is there an after market kit for the 2004 foreman to disable the handlebar mounted assist light? it's kinda blinding when you haul stuff on the front rack.
someone on ebay sells a ready made kit to turn the pod light off or just install a toggle to break the current going to the light.
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