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Anybody from Tennessee

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Just wanted to see if anybody is near and if they know any good places to go riding
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Howdy, I'm in Knoxville. There's 3 places to ride near K.ville. You have Windrock (Coal Creek OHV), RoyalBlue/Sundquist WMA & Brimstone OHV, all around an hour or less from East Knoxville.

Check your PM's, i'll send you some detail info!
im from maryville, and i ride windrock about once a month. i ahve some friends that ride royal blue and sundquist.
Hi, I'm from Jackson. We don't have too many places to ride round here, we usually go up toward the TN river and do all our riding!
i live in pikeville south of crossville but north of chattanooga i ride around home been aiming to go to winrock but haven't ever made it work travels alot and i blew my motor early in the year so haven't rode much
Take HWY 231 S. towards M'Boro, pass HWY 452 on the right. Go approx 1.5 mi and Pattersonhill Rd will be on your left. There is a white house with a green roof on the corner. You'll see a dirt lot on the right, you can park there. I'm not sure who owns it, on the weekends you'll usually see several vehicles parked there with trailers. Its not a real large area but there are some good mud holes and its free to ride.
Local Riding in WEST TN

There is a place that we ride located about 15 miles South of Lawernceburg. Off HWY 242 in WEST POINT TN. They have a Website with all info on it and more riding spots around the area. Here is the link to the website. Enjoy, I know we sure do.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
go south like monteagle i'm from there we use to ride all over the place and paint rock is o.k. if i remember right. also check out <a href="" target="_blank"> ... =Tennessee</a>
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