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Any seen these tools in a store?

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I was wanting to look at this ratchet to see if it is cheaply made or if it would hold up anyone seen them in a store or have one?

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I have seen the screwdriver in local hareware stores, but not the ratchet. The screwdriver seems to be of good quailty.
looks like that would be a good tool to have in the foreman. The price is good to at 20.00.
Looks pretty good, but if it's made in China or Tawain, i would be leary.
Ready Tools

QUOTE ("Railroader":3at8wtv0)
Looks pretty good, but if it's made in China or Tawain, i would be leary.
Dear Railroader, A colleague of mine forwarded me your conversation about our tools. I am the owner of the company and the inventor of the tools. We manufacture all of our tools in Canada, and we stand behind them 100%. My partner who runs the manufacturing facility is a 3rd generation plastics manufacturer, and we only manufacture the highest quality possible. I encourage you and your friends to try our tools. They are perfect for ATV use. If you are not satisfied, my personal e-mail is attached; and I will personally exchange the product or refund your money if you are not happy.

Thank you, and I know you enjoy the tools.

Dave Peters
Ready Products, Inc.
Looks like A cool Idea

Pretty cool when the President makes a Post

I'll have to tell my buddies North of the Border
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