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Any problems with intake and carb vents in same snorkel?

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Hi guys...I recently bought a 08 foreman 500 and have been doing a few mods to it. I am in the process of snorkeling it and was wondering, would it be okay to run the carb vent lines/diff lines in the same snorkel pipe as the intake, or will the vacuum from the intake raise havok with the vents? Its just that I dont want 2 snorkels and would rather have all the water prone problem areas where I can see them (above the water). I have been searching the forum for a few hours and cant seem to locate a similar question. Thanks for the help in advance. I also gonna try to post a pic of my bike, just to see if it works.
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You can run all the vents to the intake snorkel except for the carb vent. It will cause a vaccum and draw fuel into the vent line and cause your atv to stall. You can run a long vent line from the carb up the side of the snorkel or run it somewhere else to get it higher. I ran mine to the headlite pod. There are many threads on this site to show you exactly what to do. Just do a search.
i think it will mess with the vacuum...i have all my vent lines run up into my pod, i have been meaning to run them from where they are now up my snorkel and just zip tie them to the side of it so they are higher than they are right now...that would be my only suggestion
some will run fine with the vent in the snorkel and some want.
Thanks fore the replies. I do have the vents in the pod now, but was wanting to put them in the snorkel, but I guess I will just try that at a later time if needed. I am assuming that I will have to rejet? Does a Honda dealer stock the jets, or is it something everyone buys online?
The dealer will have them, just tell them the size you need.
yea mine runs fine with everything running to my snorkle
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