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Any plans for a group to H/M during winter 06' - Spring 07'

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Was wondering if anyone is planning trip to Hatfield-McCoy over next few months? I'm working on about 8 of us from my area and it looks like it will be spring of 07' b4 everyone can go. Its a long drive for us, about 11 hrs so everyone has there own opinion of time but it'll be anywhere from 4-7 days. Just a heads up if anyone else is planning, the more the merrier.
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keep us posted i only live about 1.5 hours away and would like to meet up and ride with ya....
Will Do, Guess you're a Bengal Fan? I'm a Steeler fan (Easy now, I'm actually rooting for you guys this year since we're dead, am a Palmer fan) Anyway I'm going out to the New Years game, I'll be the guy gettin the %$#%$ beat out of him with the Steeler gear on right behind the Bengal Bench. I'll keep you updated on the H/M trip.
2-3 interested from south Va. Post info when any more info come in. Been wantin to go there myself, heard it was awesome. I will post more if we plan somethin sooner
I am going to start planning in the next two weeks for maybe an April trip, I want to find out what the conditions are out there in April, If anyone knows anything for that time please let me know.


I can either see what I can find out then or just call them..1-800-592-2217
You would probably be the best to know or find out. Let me know what you find and we'll go from there. thanks, Ron
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