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Any other South Carolinians in here??

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Hey fellas,
Iam new to the forum, and was wondering if there are any other SC guys in here. If so give me a shout!!

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I am beginnin' to think this is the Floridian section. Most, if not all of the folks in this section are from Florida.
Theres gotta be more here from the south east, besides us FL people.
LOL, I will get a few of the boys from around here to join up! The funny thing is, Iam originally from Florida!

I knew it! It is a conspiracy!
OK, I noticed that there are 2 other members that are real close by me. You guys give me a call and lets ride!! We have a ton of trails out here near the Lake.
I'm in Hendersonville, NC, just south of Asheville. I don't have as many free weekends to ride as I would like. There is small group of us, 4 or 5, that try to take a few trips a year. So far we have been to Tellico 3 times, Brown Mountain twice, Windrock and Hatfield/McCoy both once. We are trying to plan a small trip back to Windrock soon.
I am pretty familiar with the SC red caly. Clemson Class of '95. While I was there we used to spend some time in the mud around Lake Hartwell. Slick and nasty stuff. Takes forever to clean a truck after a hard day in that stuff.
NC Foreman,
If you are a Clemson grad, then you are alright by me!!! LOL
Me and some buddies are going to Windrock on April 8th and 9th, you are more than welcome to come and ride. Give me a shout, we will see if you can find a free weekend to ride. 864-992-0803 Mobile

Thanks for the invite, but I will be at the Charlotte Autofair that weekend. I have entirely too many hobbies to divide my time between. We are planning to go back to Tellico, probably in May. We will be taking Jeeps and ATV's for that trip. If you have never been there, it is definitely worth the ride.
NC Foreman, I can totally understand about having stuff to do all the time! Anytime you wanna come down this way to ride just let me know.
i live in cheraw sc! close to the north carolina border couple hrs from the beach
I live in Florence, SC
i live in marion,, sc
i,m with RR it,s definatly a conspiracy!! by the way how does KY classify as south west very disapointed in you florida boys by the way i used to live in port orange and my brother currently lives in kissimmee. wish i could make it down to ride with you guys but considering i work weekends 3 quarters out of the year it,s hard to do
I have family in Greenville, S.C. and go there regularly. I have always tried watch for any riding areas around that region but never found any, the few people I talked to that live in that area and ride said they pretty much just deal with the 4 hour drive to Windrock in Tennessee for any real riding so I never took my quad with me to S.C. But here on this site I have read of several places in S.C. to ride, are any of them anywhere near Greenville? Thanks for any info.
the only place i've gone to in SC besides behind my house or a creek is Saudi Arabia in Dillion..
i think you are right...the best place i've riddin is here in marion....right behind one of my friends have to go down the power lines(which stay flooded) and then theres this nice lookin ditch we go through
There are a ton of unbelievable places to ride around here. The only problem is they are shutting most places down and charging ppl with tresspass. Two Saturdays ago, I was over at a buddies house, and we decided to ride in the lake (his backyard) and we were citied for tresspass (on a public lake!!)see pic below.....GO FIGURE!! The DNR/Game wardens around here have a hardon for us 4 wheeler riders, not sure why though!

****! i cant believe that.. yea a few weeks ago we got chased by this old man who didnt like us ridin on a dirt road bc we were stirin up dust..haha i cant help it hasnt rained in like 4 ever...
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