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Any one up for a ride in Eastern Kentucky?

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I live in Morgan County Kentucky and ride about anywhere. We ride in Harlan County often, in Pike County (where I am from originally), Morgan, Wolfe, Magoffin, Elliott, and Rowan Counties. I am always up for a new place to ride. I like to play in the mud and try to stay off the blacktop as much as possible. If anyone would like to try to schedule a ride somewhere, let's try to get it started. Some of us are planning to go to Harlan County Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Park in September between the 8th and the 16th. Would like to ride as much as possible before then and after. We ride all year round.
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I'm live in Richmond, Ky. I am dieing to go on a ride. I had to go to an Army school all of June and July and can not wait to go this coming Sunday. One of my work buddies is from Harlen and we are going to go to Black Mountain this fall.
We have decided to go to Black Mountain this weekend. Anyone interested let me know and we can meet there.
I gotta go local somewhere this Sunday, I gotta an Army buddy getting hitched Saturday. Are you going to stay at one of the Cabins or going to do a day trip?
I am also in need of one stock oem rim and want to know if you would be willing to sell me the 2 front wheels for 50$?
Take it easy.
i live in leslie county. right next to harlan county. we might try to hook up with some of ya and go ridin. lots of riding here in leslie co. too.
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