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Any one around Q.C. IA/IL?

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Just curious if any one is from around quad city area ia. There are some decent trails by my house but no one rides them anymore. Its all froze now and everyone will be one the ice. No ones hard core enough to hit the real stuff. At least I havent seen to many, ive been riding the trails for about 8 years. Later.
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the quad cities are only a couple of hours away from me. IDK if you could call me hardcore but I do have a nicly moded Rincon compleat with snorkle so I am not scared of the deep stuf one bit
I am from around wyoming bout 50 miles north of you and we ride quite often. There is supposed to be a ride by Canton not to far from Maquoketa and it was pretty good riding last year and a lot of quads showed up, and if you are looking to really play in the mud you need to come ride with us sometime no mudhole is to deep.
waterloo/cedar falls area
I'm a little south of you in Beardstown about an hour south of Peoria, 45 mins n/w of springfield.
im 45 mins south of effingham il.. a little to far for you all to come.. which all the trails down here are starting to suck cuz ppl with rhino and grizz..and big bore 600 and up class have rutted them out...
i fall off in a hole on sunday with the foreman and it had to bottom..
We are just going to have to get bigger tires!
ya bigger tires.. im thinkin bout goin to go get my unlces ranger with tracks all the way around...
Hey there, I'm in Rock Island County, about 30 minutes from the Quad Cities
Amboy il which is about 40 min from qc area. Im planning on going to wi. In june if any want to go
Gearhead, when you get ready to go let me know alittle bit ahead of time and Ill meet you there.
In the mean time Ill try to get up to the janesville dnr to register my bike.
wingman you can do it online, $33 for 2 year
Wisconsin DNR - Recreational Vehicle Registration
Ill have to check that out.
My bike is from Wisconsin and came with a registration card, I wonder if thats all im gonna need to register.
you will have to put in the seller and they will want to tax u for it, so if you can when you enter the price, the right hand side you can pull down the dropdown and put in tax pd to other state get out of the taxes,
A few years ago I purchased a 2000 Rancher 2wd for 2000 bux and when I went to janesville Dnr the lady asked how much I paid and I told her 1200 since I had the seller write me a reciept for 1200.
She looks at me and asked are you sure you want to put down you paid that much?
And I said yes, after leaving the place and going down the road It dawned on me the lady was actually trying to help me out and I should have said 500 bux or free for that matter.
They dont ask for reciepts as to how much I paid so I could have said any amount.

All said and done I paid 135 bux to register that bike and around 100 of that was tax.
I wont be making that mistake twice! lol
ok gotya ...if thats the case than i wouldnt worry bout it, il sell it to you for $1
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