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Any have difficulties with choke cables?

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I know that it is freezing at my place but any of you experience the choke button problem?

When I pull on it for starting it , it goes back down by itself???

I have to keep it up ???

Honda Mechanic if you can awnser this?

I know there's a spring in it but is it worned out yet, I only have 450Km on it??


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This happened to me!

main after I washed my bike. My garage is unheated...

Starting it can be tougher in those situations unless you know where the primer is

I am going to spray some lube down into the cable and hopefully that will fix the choke cable for freezing up.

anyone else have a better idea?

My choke lever goes down by itself the way,does anyone have the problem where it won't stay running cold,I have to stay on the bike and keep feathering the gas.
adjust your idle... theres a knob for that on your carb.

Gees thank's guys!!

I am not alone then!! héhé

I will take a look at my service manual tonight if I can explanations.

As for Honda_Mechanic probably you can tell us a way to solve the problem? Also if you have seen alot of those problem with choke button
going down by themselves?


There is another earlier post that addressed this problem and mine no longer goes down by itself. At the rubber boot below the knob, pinch and turn slightly and will tighten some kind of nut that cannot see and will solve problem. Look at past posts and a better explanation fixes problem. My Honda now runs without dying.
Yes there's a plastic jam nut under the rubber boot .. tighten it a little and your choke will stay on..
Sweet I will have to try this because mine does the same thing and it makes me mad .
thats good to know because mine pisses me off when it keeps falling!!!
Thanx for the info guys, ill give that a try!
It only takes a tiny turn. Not enough to hardly notice turning. At least that is how mine worked, and worked quite well. I have learned a lot of tips at this forum.
Hey guys, that was an easy fix, also fixed my friend rancher 350 with same problems,

I have attached pictures to how to fix it!

Check this out! It took me 2 minutes to fix it !!!

First , take out the little circle spring,

2nd lifted the rubber that goes over it,

3rd Turn clock wise the tread plastic nut!

Simple as that then it stays up when you pull the choke button!

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Hmmm, All I did was pinch the rubber boot with fingers and turned the nut or something with fingers and fixed problem without removing the rubber boot. Seemed to fix mine without removing anything.
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