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Any differences between 2006 and 2007 Foreman 500's

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Is there any differences at all between a 2006 and a 2007 Foreman 500 ES as far as body size style? I have ordered a pair of rear fender protectors with foot rest and am now afraid they might not fit. The place I ordered them from called today and told me that the particular brand I ordered was sold out but they could send me a different brand (Quadrax) instead and I said that was fine. I just looked at several companies websites and some show the fit for a 07 being the same as previous years but the Quadrax site itself has a different part number for 2007 then it does for the 05-06.
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I own a 07 foreman and I think the only thing they really changed was the rear taillight. The 07 has one in the center and the 06 should have 2. I think that is the only diffrence in body style.
there is only two things that are different the rear tail light and the front bumper supports where the winch plate mounts to is circle tube on the 05-06 can square tube on the 07
Thanks for the responses guys. They actually came today and I installed them, fit just fine. A bit of a pain putting them on because its hard to squeeze my fat hands up in under the rack. Put on the foot pegs too and now I'm ready for a whole afternoon of riding with the wife on Saturday.
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