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Any body running an FST stroker in there 450?

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I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a FourStrokeTech Stroker in my project bike. He say's it will take it to 500.
Just wondering if anybody runs this?
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shoot eustismudder a PM he is running a stroker, but not for sure if thats the one he is running.
Ya thats the one I'm running. It runs good. I've only put 35 miles on it since the rebuild. Just dont have much time to ride right now with building my house. While I had it all apart I went .20 over or(50mm) on the piston but didnt change the cam. Was recommended not to. If ya have any questions I'll be happy to answer them for ya.
I've E-mailed FST a couple times and the stroker sounds like what I need to do, I'm in need of a crank rebuild anyway. The cylender may also need bored. Do you put a spacer plate under the cylender? to compencate for the longer rod? What all comes with it?
Since you are running 27" Outlaws I'm assuming it has plenty of power to turn them?
No spacer is needed. It has plenty of power. I'm running 29's now.
Sweet. That's all good news. Took the engine out tonight and the cylender is wasted, major scaring. I guess thats what hapens when the oil drain plug gets pulled and they run it till it quits and thats exactly what hapened to this bike.
BTW just wondering how wide your front end is? and if you have muck trouble going down most trails?

The front isnt much wider than stock. I'll get a measurment for ya tommorrow. I havent had any trouble getting down any trails. Its a honda. It'll go anywhere you point it to.
i like the whole custom lift thing, like you said though it looks like it would be hard to get down most trails. and 2 without making some cv guards i would have an axle boot torn off every 10 minutes, id have to carry spares in my back pocket, i cant keep em now w/ aluminum products cv guards
Sent a 450 crank off today for the core. Ordered the stroker crank over the phone this afternoon. Should be getting the rest of the engine apart later this week or begining of next. Then we will finaly start going back together with Sledgehammer.
If you don't mind, keep us posted on your rebuild. I'd love to know how it turns out. My '01 only has about 600 hrs. on it and still runs great. But, you never know... I might need a little more power!
you should buy/new or really clean that oil cooler . it holds alot of grit and clutch drit. i installed new clutch KG springs on the disk clutch set, prevents slipping in thick mud.
Guess it's going to be June before I get the crank back so it will be a while before we are putting it back together.
I'm not going to do anything else to it till we get the engine put back in so it's looking like sometime in July before the bike is all together.
Thanks for the tips on cleaning the oil cooler and the clutch. Actualy thought about getting a tranny cooler and fan and mounting up on the front rack later on.
Ya it does take him a little bit to get it done. When I sent mine they were closed for a week and then the following week the guy that does it was gone hunting. Search under the 450 section cause Dirty4man did a nice relocation on his and he tells all. Part# and everything.
I imagine there just like all the other ATV/MC shops, totaly swamped and I don't blame a guy for wanting vacation this time of year.
Dirty4man is where I got the idea from, Thanks
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