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Any 05-07 Foreman/Rubicon Warn Bumper Pics?

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Does anyone have a pic or know where to see what a warn bumper looks like on a 05-07 year foreman? I can't seem to find any pics on what they look like.
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Is the center plate between the reflective stickers the plate for the winch.. I notice that the winch is mounted lower.. Looks like they made the place for the winch but did not put it there..
i dont know i just uploaded that from warn website
The Warn bumper for the 05+ Foreman/Rubicon looks like the stocker but is black and actually mounts over the existing brush guard. I looked it up on Warns site awhile back.
It lookes just like the ranchers 05 bumber but bigger
Does it have a place to mount the warn light kit?
yes it does take note of the white rectangles one ither side of the bumper in the picture
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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