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Another Tow Hook Option - UPDATED

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I have a new 07 Foreman that I bought last month. The bike is used for hunting and field work and I really don't have a need for a winch where I ride now. I really liked the looks of Robb's custom tow hook but didn't want to weld on the brand new bike just yet. After looking at how various winch plates mount, I came up with a way to mount a clevis without permanently altering the bike. I used 3/4" square stock and U-bolts to mount to the front frame. The U-bolts only hold the square stock in place and any pulling would be directly against the frame/guard. Since the piece I added is only 12" long, I don't think it will bend easily but time will tell. This set up should do fine for my needs but could easily be beefed up with 1" stock and a larger clevis and bolt if needed. Just another option for your consideration.

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I take it you aren't gettin a winch.
nice set up, the only thing that would concern me is the eye-bolt. as long as you pull straight it will be fine, but any side load will snap it off.
Just outside of the picture on the left there are two big frame supports that run upward. I always keeu a strap looped around them and then tie the excess strap up on the rack. I've had trucks yank from those bars with no bend or cracks yet.
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Looks good , but if i was to do anything to it . i would mount it to a winch plate , then just run a couple of support straight back, then attach , that way you would double your attachment points , and never have any fatigue or strength concerns. just my .o2
I did similar, but as Idigem1 said.... mine is under my winch plate and is attached to that bar and the area behind... kind of a 'H' shape. Very sturdy and pulled many things.
I like that idea I think I might try that one myself.
i have on like that...but i have pieces of flat stock welded is a lot stronger that what you have there.

i pulled a **** jeep out of a ditch with mine....
do you have any close up pics for everyone to look at?
as a matter of fact, i do...

these should do the trick... AND you can still mount a winch in there...

i had one but i trashed it, it seems that being submerged more than 90% of the time has an effect on electrical connections and grease...
that is a good idea also. I think everyone should show what they have for tow options on the front of their foremans.
Thanks for the suggestions. I thought about using a winch plate even though I don't intend to get a winch anytime soon, but thought I would try this first. I may try the plate if this doesn't work. Dirty4man is right, the weak link is probably the eyebolt. I'm looking for a shoulder eyebolt, like they use to lift electric motors, but went with a regular eyebolt until I find one. A 5/16 shoulder eyebolt is rated for 1200 pounds, but that's pulling in line with the bolt. I don't know how much it can take from a side pull. I think the 3/4" boxed steel will work for my needs, and like I said, it can be beefed up as needed. I just wanted to put out the general idea of another way of mounting a hook. To be honest, the whole front end of the 500 doesn't seem to me to be as strong as my old 400 Foreman, but I'm no structural engineer for sure. Thanks again for the ideas. I would like to see other peoples tow set ups so I can get additional ideas if anyone has photos.

yeah, my plate is behind the front bumper and held in place with some u-bolts to the there is no force put on the bolts, the pulling force is spread though the frame b/c the frame is in contact with the plate. and since the plate is flush with it, and bolted tight, you can pull in any direction...i had a guy pull me sideways and it never bent or long as the weld is solid.
Thanks cra5h for the photos. It looks like that set up could be u-bolted to the frame or welded. Do you think an angle pull in the welded plate would be a lot stronger than a shoulder eyebolt? That looks easy to make.


cra5h...every time I go to type a've answered my question before I get it posted. LOL Thanks again for the ideas.

One more thing. A couple of cone shaped rubber plumbing washers takes all the rattle out of the shackle.

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that is a good idea also. I think everyone should show what they have for tow options on the front of their foremans.
Heres what I have.
now there is one off custom job on that front fairlead H4.
I picked up an extra roller when I mounted the rear winch but the stainless steel one I made for the front works so well that I didn't change it out.
All good ideas guys I think I might try something like this. When I ride I carry a tow strap and rope, everyone else has winches and we always use my tow strap when stuck cause its faster and easier to use. Unless you ride by yourself alot or like to go up 75° rock ledges a strap and another ATV will get you out of most anything.
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