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Another snorkle question.

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I saw the forum that RAVEER2000 posted in the HOW TO forum and i like his idea. I like it because it requires no cutting of any body panels. I'm thinking of doing it but my only question is what else needs to be done. I see slot of guys run the exhaust out and up which i'm not crazy about doing if i don't have to. I've also herd about greasing the spark plug where it goes inside the boot. Anything else i need to do? You guys know your Foremans so i'm sure i'll get the right advice.
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I made mine out of 1-1/2" PVC and it's the pefect size. No rejtting or anything. THen againb, mine isn't as long as what yours is gunna be.
Here is my advice, spend the extra $8 for an extra plastic replacement in the front. Its well worth the money to make sure it does not look "rigged-up". At the same time the hose will not be in your way when riding. Also you will need to re-route the vent lines, if you need help give me a hollar.
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