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another shifting problem!!!

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hey guys, I own a 99 450 ES that was layed up outside all winter, the last time I rode it in the fall it worked great but now it won`t shift at all not manually or electrically..... I know very little about bikes so I took it to a guy I know that works on bikes alot and he said that the shifter motor was seized so he took it off and cleaned it all up and tried it on the bench, worked great. He put it back on the bike and now it will shift manually but still not electrically he figured it was a wiring problem so he had pretty much the whole wiring harness out looking for a bad spot and found nothing..... He figures it is a module which is priced at 400 bucks, I am not doubting him or anything but I really wish that I had a known good one to try before I go out and spend all that money! Could this be the problem or should we try something else? Any help would be appreciated!
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If the shift motor was seized then the bike should be at least tried with a known good shift motor ... The ECM thinks the maximum time needed for the shift dogs to make full engagement is 34 milliseconds , but will continue to rotate the shift spindle for 70 milliseconds.. It is possible the ECM is damaged if it was tring to rotate a seized motor to many times ..

There are homemade tools that can be used on 1998-01 (pre-code models) ..1 of them is the light bulb test in place of the shift motor...
Here is the info

The price of the ECM (on this model it is actually called "change control unit") this sells for $468.80 CDN ... Myself I would have a dealer do the tests on the ESP system .. If you look for a used ECM any TRX450ES 1998-01 is the same , but don't buy used without a guarantee..
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I forgot to mention that my lower headlights do not work either.... All wiring checked out ok and switches seem to be operable so he tracked it to that module... Are the headlights controlled by the module?
QUOTE ("pizzaboy")
I forgot to mention that my lower headlights do not work either.... All wiring checked out ok and switches seem to be operable so he tracked it to that module... Are the headlights controlled by the module?
Have you checked the battery voltage? I would start with the basics. Check the battery, the charging system (if the engine will start) the connections (especiall all the ground circuits) Check for the proper voltage at all the connections. Check for power in to and out of the switches. If you don't Have a shop manual you will need one.

Take your time and follow a logical trouble shooting sequence. Don't start changing parts unless you know it is bad. That gets expensive, and once you open an electrcal part you cant return it.
I was looking at the wiring diagram online @ the HRCA site. It looks to me like the lights get power from the battery through the ign switch to the head light switch. I don't think a module of any sort is involved. I think you have a circuit problem some where. probably at a connection or in a switch some where. Start with the basics because the simple stuff is what drives you nuts trying to figure out.
Thanks for the info, the battery is brand new...... I was hoping that someone would tell me they didn`t think that was the problem!!! Now all we have to do is start tracking again! The bike runs good except for the shifting problem so it shouldn`t really be that hard to find.....(I hope) Thanks again, will keep ya posted with our progress may take a few days as we both work full time!
The ESP system in the 1999 TRX450 will always operate as long as the engine is running . It is not dependent on the vehicle's battery voltage ..
As long as the alternator is good ..
Well all connections are good, all switches tested good as well.... It has a brand new battery and it is charging! He called another guy to ask for help on the issue and it turns out he had the same trouble with a bike he was working on..... The other guy called a Honda shop in the area and their tech hadn`t a clue what it could be either as he had one in his shop with the same trouble.... Now believe it or not that is three bikes with the same trouble at the same time.... Now the guy that my guy called said he gave up on the one he was working on and put it together the next day and said just for shits and giggles he tried it one more time and it shifted but he has no idea what could have been the problem!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!
once again I forgot to mention something..... he took it for a drive shifting it manually and it went thru all gears but the display only shows R N and 5, I`ve been reading some old posts and it sounds to me like the angle sensor.... Please tell me it is! But it still doesn`t explain the headlight issue but I am sure I can get around that! The weather is nice now and all my friends are out enjoying their bikes and I can`t, I am hoping that is the problem!!!!!
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