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Another question for the pros

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I found these closeout winch mounting kits at They are about 36.00. Any idea if one of the following would fit on my 05 500 2WD?

1995-2003 FOREMAN (TRX400FW)
1998-2001 FOREMAN ES (TRX450ES)
2002-2004 FOREMAN ES (TRX450FE)
1998-2001 FOREMAN S (TRX450S)
2003-2004 FOREMAN S (TRX450FM

Hope this might help anyone else needing one.
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none of those will work without modifications, if they had one for the rubicon 500 that would work as the foreman 500 is based off the rubis frame. the 450 has a different frame design.
I thought that the 450 ones would work if you turned them around backwards. I thought I read that somewhere.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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