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Another proud Foreman 500 owner

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Hey everyone,
I'm a PROUD owner of a new 06 Foreman 500 and just wanted to say hey to all you other lucky Foreman owners. This is my first bike that is actually MINE!! I grew up on a rice farm in Texas riding Honda's my whole life. They were all my Grandfathers, so I couldn't really do any mods to them. We have a 86' TRX 250, 89' TRX300, 98' TRX 300FM, and a 04 Rancher. That old 86 turns 20 years old this year and all we have ever done to it is change the oil and brakes. I'm glad that I finally have a bike of my own now so I can build it like I want and not worrying about having to fix my grandparents bikes if I break them. I'm looking foward to getting to know all you guys and helping each other out.
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Another Texan. We may outnumber them Floridians yet
Glad to have ya!
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the site.

Welcome to the site. If you are from Texas here is another site that is just Texans.
Welcome! I wish I lived in Texas!
You would die down here in the summer time if your not use to it. Very hot
& humid.
There you go. Yet another case of an old Honda that just didn't give any trouble. Like a guy I know once said, "If you want a big bad atv, there are several to choose from, but if you want one that starts every time you want to ride, buy a Honda!" My thoughts exactly. Congrats on a good choice!
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