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Another ? on Jetting

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I am not a motor guy so I don't know, but since I put my pipe on is it necessary to rejet an also will it add to my power low mid or topend.

I am all for it I just want to understand the benefits.

06 Foreman 500 (RED)

MAXXIS BighornS on ITP C- series
K&N Filter,
HMF Penland Pro pipe which I recommend if you like it loud and I do,, it sounds awesome.
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Changing your pipe changes the airflow of your engine. Since carbs deliver fuel based on airflow, you should rejet anytime you change the airflow be it airbox modifications, pipe, cam, whatever. The correct jetting for your setup will help your power all over, but mostly wherever your airflow mod (in this case your pipe) was designed to improve flow.

It also usually improves fuel efficiency, and you want to do it before any hard running since if the factory jetting is leaner than what you need, you could be melting piston tops.
Thank you very much.
Do you have any suggestions?
I personally have never changed the jetting in a Foreman, so I don't know what to change to. I would start a new post listing your pipe asking for a jetting suggestion. Make sure to list what you have for an airbox setup, air cleaner, other performance goodies etc. Someone here I'm sure could give you a good starting point.

If that doesn't work, or even if you do get some good suggestions, remember when changing jetting always start rich and work lean. More fuel won't hurt you nearly as fast as too little!
Thanks again..
you can go directly to hmf's website for your pipe / bike application. They have a ton of info there.
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