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another jetting question..

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i know this subject has been beat to death.. but i have a few questions that i need answers to..i order the HMF performance kit..which is a HMF utility pipe..K&N air filter and three carb jets..a 160,165,& qestions is do i need the needles and springs that come with a dynojet kit or do i just stick the 170 in and adjust my air-fuel screw..if that's all i need to do..what's a good setting for the air-fuel screw in south georgia from screwing it in all the way.??HMF will not give any useful info on this...the guy doing my jets has done it a long time and the first thing he asked was were is the rest of you jet i said all it came with are 3 jets..will it run fine by jsu changing the jet to 170..??
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question answered..
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