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Another Honda for me

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Well my son turned ten this year and he is a big boy like his daddy. In fact he is 175 and about 5'5" right now. So I could not see going out and getting him a small bike right off the bat. Anyway He has been rideing my 500 foreman for sometime and now that his grandpa has it he has been upset over the whole deal. I let him ride my popo around the yard but an 800 is just way toooooo big for him to trail ride on. Well Sassy and I have discussed this for a while. He has rode a recon and loved it, but we wanted him to be able to ride the same areas we do without fighting with a 2 wheel drive constantly. But we were on out way to get him an 05 blue recon. But them we stumbled across a deal that anyone of you could not pass up. A close freind of mine just bought a twin peaks 700 and he also owns a craptor and a 04 Foreman S with 300 miles. Well he sunk it awhile back and I did the top end on it. But I think it had dirt in the carb so it just never ran just right. Anyway, it has been sitting for a while and he has just been paying the note on it. So he says he will sell it to me for the payoff. So he says he only owes $3500 on it. Well there is close to $3000 in mods on this bike alone. So I could not resist and bought it for my son. George thinks I am just fixing it for my buddy and that he gets to ride it when we go to Alabama for a mud bog. We are going to surprise him on christmas day and tell him that it is his very own ATV.
Here are a couple of pics that I just took under the lights.

Here is the mod list that is on the bike.

2004 foreman S With 300 miles on it.
High Lifter BBK with High compression piston.
Triangle snorkit
HL lift springs on all four wheels
HL Leak Sheild
HL lift kit
ITP Wheels
28 inch Mudzillas
HMF Pipe
K&N filter
DGL locker
1.5 Aluminum Spacers on all four.

Well what do you think. I got a good deal huh. And I bought Honda this time....
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Awesome, hes gonna love it!!!!
Dang can I call you my daddy , he is going to flip out. I think that you got a good deal.
That cool. You should get the father of the year award for that one.
Oops forgot to add that it had the disk brake conversion too.....
Wow Leo! What a happy son you will have. That is a pretty extensive
list of mods that thing has.
You stole it!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!! If my parents were to do something like that for me at that age I would probably of had a heart attack. I have been wanting a ATV since I was still sucking my thumb (no it wasnt just last week losers!!!)

You get my vote for father of the year on this board.
Leo, i have just been put up for adoption. I am lookin' for someone as
generous & GIVING as you to take me in....
Man you got a really good deal. And for only having that Foreman for 300 miles he sure did add alot of good stuff to it. Can you get some good pics of it in the day?
you think he can reach the shifter alright? if not, im sure a moose handshifter would be a good investment
He can reach the shifter just fine. He is 5' 5" already.
Dang I would have bought the whhels off of it!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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