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Another HMF ?

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I have researched the entire forum about these pipes. I bought a 05 Foreman about 8 mounths ago and I have added a KN filter, 27 Mud lites and a highlifter lift kit. The machine has great power, but I want more bottom end torque and power and well as a little mid rang. I just trail ride with about 20-30 people 2-3 times a year in the mountains of WV. I just want a pipe that makes good power but not very loud. I want everyone to be happy on the trails that are behind me. It seems that alot of people on her love the HMF utility pipe. I have heard the sound clip of the utility pipe on the foreman to me it is way too lound. But how lound is it with the quiet core in place and how much of a power loss is it. Or should I just go with the Eco System. I also know that I will need a jet to go with it. i just want a pipe that will make good power and not to very loud. Please help me with this issue.

Thanks, Rusty
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I called HMF directly for this same question. They told me that as far as the sound the utility pipe is at about 114 decimals (I think maybe higher)and with the quite core it brings it down to about 94 deciamals which is almost factory. The only thing bad about the quite core is that it will take some power off of the pipe but i went ahead and bought the utility with the quite core and jet kit with the K&N filter. The # to HMF is 216-631-6980 ask for mike or dan they were real help full to me. But don't buy the pipe from them you can get it a lot cheaper from I hope this helps ya.
Its more like 105 w/o core and 96-99 w/core
Yea i say go for it and just buy the quite core to go along with it. You will mostlikely need to rejet also so get the jet kit. Im not to sure about the elevation that you ride in so you might want to do alittle more research on jet sizes.
Thanks for all the helpful replys. Yall have help me make my choice, I will go ahead and buy the utility pipe with the core.

Thanks Again, Rusty
Do you have to get a jet kit if you change your exaust?
You really don't have to, but to maximize the performace it is reccommeded to do the jet.

Now that I have checked out, I ran across the big gun evo, claiming to add up to 3.5 horespower and noise level of 94dbl. So does anyone have any experinces with this pipe?

Cajunforeman the link doesn't work.
Thanks for the reply and update.

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