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Another bearing question

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I was looking at purchasing Pivot works rear bearing kit for my 2004 Foreman S. I just want to know why the kit only has two bearings and factory bearings you need three(2 on the right and one on the left)? Are pivot work any good? Any other sites have good bearings? I have heard bad things about HL's sealed wheel bearings. i thought of going with oem, but wanted to come out a little cheaper, but are aftermarket bearings better or equal to oem bearings? Thanks.
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I'm glad you asked this question because i was wantin' to know the same
thing. I'm sure i will need to replace mine before too much longer. I don't
see how they are holdin' out this long with all the water ridin' we do. I'm
still on the factory bearings & it's pushin' 3 yrs. old.
When I replaced my bearing, there were two bearings and three dust seals. They were All Balls Racing bearings. (The same one's packaged by Moose as well.)
I have pivot works bearings in the front and the rear. They seem to be ok. I put them in about 2 months ago, and i ride in mud and water alot, and they are still good.
Which should i get? Moose or the pivot works kit?
never had the moose bearings but pivot works has got my vote....there pertty cheap and seem to be pertty reliable, and they dont take ware easy
where did you order yours? Thought about ordering, and also how hard is it to installed the one thick bearing instead of two smaller ones on the right side.
Do you have to have any special tools to install the bearings?
A hammer, a screw driver, and a peice of wood, what else do i need?
That don't sound to bad. Looks like i could do that myself & save some $$$
from takin' it to a repair shop.
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