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Angle Sensor?

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What excatly is the angle sensor on my 2006/500FE.If it has one what does it do?
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It has one. It tells it when to shift.
Angle Sensor

Does the 500 FE have any kind of level's type switch that would shut off the engine in steep terain like oil levels ?
Wait a minute. Is yours a foot shift or electric shift. If it is an electric shift,
it has one. I first thought you had a Rubicon for some strange reason.
Angle Sensor

It is an electric shift
Yes you have an angle sensor ...and no the TRX500FE/FM/TM doesn't have a bank angle sensor just the TRX680 Rincon have one...
Iv noticed that when i pull the front up to do a water wheelie after 4 or 5 seconds my moter starts to studder and trys to die. Now i know that its a carb and the bowl is prob just going dry due to the angle but is there any thing i can do about it short of puttin efi on it.
Angle Sensor

My 550FE shut off or stalled going down a steep hill causing the ATV to start sliding affter that the rest ain't pretty.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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