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Angle sensor problem...

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Well my bike is at the dealer and now they say they cant replicate the D1, D2, N, R flashing problem. Its bullsh*t because i made it happen when i dropped it off. What can i do so they notice the problem? Should i ask them to run the trouble codes?
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Im going to run the codes myself but they told me today the problem was a bad computer that needs to be replaced. $300
We've had a couple of bikes that did need a new ECM ..
Should i let them install it? Or get it and do it myself. I just hope i dont get a new CPU and then it keeps with the problems. Later to find out it was a simple angle sensor.
its easy to do. if i was you i would just do it myself but its what ever you want to do.
I got a Clymer manual ill look through it tonight and see if its easy or not.
It's fairly easy .. It's easier if there's 2 people ... We just unbolt the 4 rear rack bolts ,then 1 person raise the rear rack & rear fenders ...The ECM is mounted in a rubber boot on top of the trunk ..

At our shop if we change an ECM and that doesn't fix the bike we remove the ECM and you don't pay for it .. Electrical parts is the only parts that we will not re-fund on..
Yea i think ill let Honda deal with it. That way when it ISNT the problem, they wont charge me.
Let us know what the charge you .. It's a 5-10 min. job with 2 people .. About 30 min. for 1 person cause you have to gear up tie-down straps or something to hold the rack & fenders up enough to get your hands in to get the ECM out & wire couplers unplugged ..
well they told me $320 installed.
I saw the bike yesterday, even with the new vaccum hose it still bogs down to the point where it cant go up a ramp without flooring it. Could the ECM be causing this?

*Edit* Is there an online shop where i can purchase this ECM? Using my Clymer manual i think i can replace this myself!
My brother had to replace his ECM last winter on his Rubicon .. He was using it to plow and it had no power & wouldn't shift just went into limp mode .. I tested everything and pin-pointed the problem down to the ECM ..
Thanks for the link and help guys!
Honda Mechanic, do you know the part number for the new ECM and anything else ill have to replace along with it?
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