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Angle Sensor Issue?

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Anyone else having problems with replacing your Rubicon's angle sensor? This is the 2nd one in 3 months! Has Honda presented any issues with their cuurent setup? This is gonna get old real quick! Check the "For Sale" forum soon
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are you getting it clocked in right? are u using dielectric grease?
The local Honda dealer has done all servicing...I haven't laid my hands on it!
We had better luck with installing a heat shield on the TRX500 Rubicon .. The angle sensor is close to the header pipe and gets very hot.. We've had a couple of Rubicons that have had several angle sensors installed ,we made little heat shields out of alunimum to deflect most of the heat from the header pipe .. The exhaust header pipes on some bikes run hotter than other bikes ..This is because of several reasons from closer engine tolerances to tighter bearings ..
this is the reson mine is for sale. i am on my 4th angle sencer! on the 05 bikes there is a little hole in the angle sencer to i gess let mositure out. the reason i had a 05 one is because the dealer recomended i get the newer verson this was a verry bad idea. you can tell your dealer that you had one of the bad ones and they CAN take it to the main honda people and tell them about it. thats what i did and i got mine free. i hope you have better luck with this and if you need any better detailed questions just PM me and i will help.
Had trouble with angle sensor as well. I unplugged all the connectors i could reach and filled them with dielectric grease. (computer,angle sensorand others)I the coated the top of my angle sensor wich a 1/4"coat of silicon. Since i did this i have not had the bike go into limp mode. I must of rode through 10 miles of real nasty swamp (sometimes rack deep) this weekend and no problems. Before i did this if i went in water a little deeper then the floor boards i had problems. If you want to take this one step farther go and buy header tape used on hot rods and rap header pipe in that as well. The silicon seals the angle sensor as well as insulates it from the heat. This worked for me only 45 mins to do.

04 rubi
The heat issue makes sense. It's only been on a few trail rides...never in wet conditions (Yet). HondaMechanic...any suggestions on how to make that heat shield? Guess some dielectric wouldn't hurt as well. Thanks for the posts!
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