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An idea in the making

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Here's what I want to do:

Take a Rubicon and:

Toss a 650 Rincon motor in it

It would be the ultimate sleeper...and it would still look in 500cc class too..

Now, any ideas on the how to get the 650 setup going in it?
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it cant be that hard...the trick would be, if you could utililize the Rubicons trans, and gears and stuff, then you got big bore power, and some mega low end. I bet it would be to hard to fit it all int he Rubicon frame.
Can the motors just be switched?

If so, that would be perfect...
That would be like a pinto with a big block in it I wonder if you could take the jug and complete top end form a rincon and adapt it to the rubicon low end. That way from the tranny for the rubicon would remain. But I don't know if the two halfs would mate.
but what crank would you use??
I would think that you would have to use the crank from the rincon so that you have to appropriate stroke, you probably have to do some special machining for it to hook up to the tranny.
Anyone ever attempt this? Anyone have a rincon motor out beside the rubicon?

I'd be willing to give it a shot if I thought I could make it fly...
We've had the motors out of both .. (mostly Rubicons for transmissions)
The Rincon engine may very well fit in a Rubicon frame.. The Rubicon engine is a very big engine with the oil tank still on the engine..
what about mating the rubicon or foreman for that matter to the rincon motor.
You may want to check HL for the answer to that...I know someone was going to attempt it a while back...They said that they would have to bore the case out to make the crank and jug work...Seemed like it might work to me..just take some time and money...I also think I heard that honda didn't use the 5 speed auto because it couldn't handle the power of the big bore...Just stuff I have heard.
I don't think it's possible to do..The crankshaft on a Rincon is completely different than other Honda engines ..
You'd think you could doctor the rincon motor to the rubicon tranny somehow. No taking top end off rincon to match bottom end...simple motor transplant to other tranny.

Like said before, I would be worried of the Rubicon trans holding the power. I think you would be better off integrating a Foreman trans.
ok...but it might work then...

then how about the whole rincon engine and tranny, would there be problems with sync to the rear diff?
shouldnt be?? Who knows, may even be close to bolting right up??
now, that i'd love.

bolt a rincon motor and tranny to a rubi rear end...mod a few engine tranny mounts...and off you go...ultimate sleeper...

Can anyone confirm that this can be done before I go buy a rincon and wreck it?
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