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AMSTEEL BROKE! but had a good day of riding

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Ok i have had this Blue Amsteel winch rope for about 3years. It has been used on 2 Warn A2000s and is now currently on my MileMarker 3500.
It has held up great with no problems till Saturday.
This is how it goes:

We were ridin on the creek goofing off waitin on some friends to get to the house. While riding up creek we saw what looked like a golf cart with 3 Adults and 2 kids. Gettin closer we realized it was a man we knew, he is a deacon at the church. They were goin to cross the creek on this Bad Boy Buggy Electric 4x4. They made it about halfway and it sank like a rock. The water was only bout 1 foot deep so no damage to the golfcart thingy.

We talked with them for bout 5 minutes and then started the rigging process. I got out my snatch block, strap, clevis, then pulled my winch rope out. Hooked to it and bent part of the frame that holds the seat up in the back, Bad idea. Go the the front and hook the the Ramsey 2500 winch that is on there. Bad idea again, apparently it doesnt have any sort of brake in the winch?

I pull bout 3 foot of cable off the Ramsey before i knew what happened. So we unhooked it from there, got a strap and wraped around the front axle. Started pulling it and my Foreman started sliding on the sand. I put it in reverse and gave it a lil gas to sink it. Then started winching in again, Bout 4 minutes later we had freed up the stuck golf cart.

The man was goin to turn around and get a lil speed up and hit the water so maybe he could cross it and go home. WRONG, while turning around the golf cart sank in the boggy sand bar.
So i get all my stuff out again, Hook to the axle the same way we had earlier.

Started pulling single line and my AMSTEEL broke bout 1 foot from the hook. This stuff does exaclty like they say, when it broke it just hit the ground, No "spring back". I tied a not in the end of the rope and put the hook back on.

Got a Clevis and used it in the loop tied on the end of it.. Used my winch bout 15more times that afternoon pulling 4wheelers out of the creek.. For some reason my MST's have no problem in the boggy creeks.. i can just put it in 1st gear and crawl through it. My brother and one of my friends with 26" mudlites cant hang with the 26" MST's.

I had a 2wd rancher w/ Warn 3.0 and a 4wd kodiak w/ Warn 2.5. both of them were hooked to the strap and my strap broke.. so next we had to get my other strap and rehook to it.. thats why my AMSTEEL broke the last time.. So i re tied it and snatch blocked it. Some one had then showed up with a shovel and 2x6 boards.

We dug down and put the boards under the back tires. I put my foreman in reverse and backed up and winched in and the dern golf cart finally came out. I hooked my Spare MasterPull Synthetic Winch Rope, that i carry in the rear compartment, to the golfcart and to my rear tow hook and hammered down.

I pulled the golfcart across the first creek crossing and called it quites from then. It took about an hour to get the BIG BOY BUGGY across one crossing. I made $20 saturday, broke my winch rope twice, my friend on the kodiak smoked his belt twice.

We sat around and talked for bout 30 minutes and we went our ways. We rode from bout 1pm-7pm. Got a good sunburn also..

Sunday morning at the easter sunrise service Mr. Ray Huff came up to me and told me that he wanted to buy me a new winch rope. I told him not to worry bout it. I have one extra winch rope in my rear compartment and another one in my truck.

So My AMSTEEL worked hard for 3years of abuse on Hawse fairleads, pulled in all kindof binds from the sides top bottom.. ill get some pics when i get home...

Yall Be Good!!
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