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first off i did a search and read up on it. i do have more questions thow, any updates or people have switched to it? i didnt' see very many people with foreman 500's running amsoil, was wondering if you ran amsoil in your final gear case and diff, i want to run the same brand oil in my whole quad. i am having problems finding it here where i live, but not yet extinguished the list....... from what i have read on these fourms they say they use amsoil full systhetic atv, with no friction inhibitors(not sure the correct wording). all i can find on the internet is "motorcycle" fullsynthetic, am i not looking in the right place.

when i find the place that has it i want to be able to tell them just what i want incase they have to order it, so they dont order the wrong stuff.

i currently have 13hrs on the quad, changed all the fluids with honda brand at 6.3hrs and plan on changing it again at 20, at this 20hr perioid should i switch to full synth or do i need more of a break in perioid? how should i flush the non-synth? sorry for such a long post, any input is greatly appreciated. i want as many point of views about amsoil/full synth as i can get.

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I started using it in my 2005 ES. I noticed a definite difference in shifting. It's much smoother after the switch. You can go to the amsoil website and get a "membership" and but it direct.
I'm using it in all three of my Honda's. It really helped with the wife's Recon ES.With the conventional 10w40 oil it always wouldn't upshift from first.You always had to press the upshift button several times for it to shift.Now with Amsoil 0W-40 ATV oil,it really shifts easier.You must buy the Amsoil ATV oil.I think it only comes in 0W-40.
I wish someone would contact the representatives of Amsoil, Purple stuff and any other oil producers and have them post with members or why should we purchase their stuff vs the other.
Or you can try Royal Purple Max cycle. Its for motor cycles and atv. I have really notice a big difference in temp and shifting. Just go to their web site they have videos also.
I am always looking to be able to shift easier, Bowz- have you found it locally yet? My only concern is summertime down here is brutal and i currently am running the Honda GN4 20W-50, The Amsoil is only 0w-40. Do you think it will make any difference? I want max help on the temp! (i cant always drive in the canals )
i think i read in the manual it says do not use anything that is 0w-40 or 0w-30... but i could be mistaken
No it does not say that in my manuel. 0w40 weight oil covers a broad spetrum of temps, from 0 degree to 100 plus. h
Is this the right stuff?
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QUOTE ("quickblue6":3tc179kd)
Is this the right stuff?
Yep....That's what I'm using.I was told by a guy that works at a Polaris dealer that Polaris uses 0W-40 synthetic oil right from the factory.
what dose the different weight of oil do. i noticed the Royal Purple Max cycle is 20w 50 and the amsoil is 0w 40
My engine runs really good with Royal Purple and cooler with the big after market oil cooler it was over 70 degrees today and the fan didn't turn on at all. Royal Purple max cycle 20w 50 think about it oil thins out as it heats up.
I use Shell Rotella T 15W-40. Never wore a bike out yet with it.
i just bought my amsoil today and am gong to replace it shortly, i've changed my oil 1ce already at 10 hrs with honda gn4 oil, now at 20 hrs i want to put full synth in. do i have to run this synth for a few min then change it? to get all of the non-syth out? i didn't buy enough for this due to $9 a quart but was thinking about it on the way home? just lookin gfor some .02 on what ya'll do? thanks

Bowz,I think you'll be O.K. if you just change it now then change it again at your normal interval. That's what I did.Synthetic oil is compatible with conventional oil so whatever is left in the crankcase and oil coolers doesn't really matter.
QUOTE ("Coop":313khvsm)
what dose the different weight of oil do. i noticed the Royal Purple Max cycle is 20w 50 and the amsoil is 0w 40
The diferent weights are more for temperature sensitivity. If it gets really cold where you live, a lower number is great and if it gets really hot, a higher number is good. The higher the number, the heavier the viscosity of the oil and the lower the number, the lighter the viscosity of the oil. Multiple vis oils work withing the range of numbers. Around Texas, the 20w 50 is good. 0w 40 would still cover in most areas and expecially in cold area, the 0 would still make the oil light enough to flow in colder weather. REmember, oil gets thicker or more viscious in cold weather and thinner in hot weather.
This is an email from the oiltech at Amsoil on what to run in my Foreman 500.

Amsoil has several motor oils, (I’m assuming your looking for an engine oil recommendation) for your 4x Honda Foremans.

My first recommendation is to follow Honda’s viscosity recommendation, which is without looking it up a 10w-40 viscosity, (almost all Honda’s are), look by the oil filler, it’s usually cast into the metal.

Next you need to choose an oil that is JASO MA for the wet clutch and that’s about it.

This leaves suitable Amsoil oils as stock # ‘s

AFF Formula 4-Stroke <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

MCF 10w-40 Motorcycle <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

AMO 10w-40 High Performance <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The best oil of the group above is the MCF, you’ll really notice a cooler running ATV with all the above and that’s what you need.

Thanks for the inquiry Tony,

Best regards,

Sean Aughey
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