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Anyone using Amsoil? Where do you get it, have not seen it around in most places I frequent. Is it available just by website or can I find it in certain stores. What about their filters also?
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i would like a answer to that as well. I wanna try synthetics on my 500 but cant find amsoil around here. Only place i can is off amsoils website
Check some of your local Cycle shops. Even one that isn't Honda. I know that my local Kawasaki dealer sells Amsoil products.

Amsoil is supposed to be highly rated along with Mobil1. A lot of its users swear that it is even better. Who knows for sure unless your the scientists testing them.

I've used conventional oils in my truck/cars for years with regular maintenance. I have never had a problem. I started using Mobil1 in my new truck mainly for the longer oil change intervals. I think this is one of the main advantages of synthetics.

Good luck finding what you are looking for.

I'm using it in my wife's 2002 Recon ES. Amsoil 0w-40 cured the ES shifting problems we were having.My Foreman 500 has 400 miles on it,next oil change it is getting AMSOIL 0w40.I talked to the owner of the NAPA store in my town and now he stocks AMSOIL ATV 0W40.I use HONDA oil filters.
Wait a minute, you said that it cured ES problems. You mean when the shifter fails and you have to do it manually?
The problems we were having even had the dealer baffled.Every ES component was replaced except the harness and the handlebar switches.Every so often the bike just wouldn't upshift,(like the clutch wasn't disengaging)The clutch was adjusted several times.Since I've changed to AMSOIL 0W40 the ES has worked flawlessly.[/quote]
Thanks, its a toss up with Amsoil vs Mobil 1. I use Mobil 1 in all my vehicles and of my other gasoline engines including my lawnmower. Mobil 1 for ATV woujld be great, but can't find it locally either, at least in the auto stores. I will check the motorcycle shops to see if they have either one. Amsoil looks great by the website, but it is their website.
I use Amsoil and get it at the local Farm store (FleetFarm). My 500 Cat was jumping out of gear and shifting hard, after Amsoil it never jumped out of gear again and shifted like new. I don't know what it is but I will swear by Amsoil. Run it in everything I own, even the old Craftsman lawnmower!!
So where do you get it at?

If everyone is using it, we need more sources to purchase it.
You can get mobil 1 at Autozone comes in 10-40 and 20-50
What would be the benifit of using 0w40? Would you recomend it in the hotter weather also? Im running a 10w40 now because of the tempeture range that it covers. On another note, I did use very cheap oil once just to run it and drain it. 5 min into a quick ride the quad wouldnt shift into gear, up or down. Im assuming that the clutch didnt like the cheap (car) oil.
In what ever oil you use, You want to make sure it is for your wheeler and is compatible with your wheeler spec's

DO NOT use cheap oils as the clutches will not work properly and could damage your motor :my2cents

Here is a Temp Oil Guide for ya'll to go by


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so you guys running M1 just using standard mobil 1 synthetic? I run 5w30 m1 in my 4 banger s10. its been to **** and back 3 times and still runs like a champ at nearly 170k. i just started putting the 10w30 in my girl's 350z. ran noticably better.
never use an oil w/the energy conserving label on it. that includes 5-30 and
10-30. 5w-40 and 10w-40 shouldnt have that label. the ec oils contain friction
modifiers, which arent good for wet clutches in a honda.
Judging by the temp range, I had just made up my mind to get the 10w40 for my machine. I'm still a ways from another oil change, but all the same.
0w40, bought at yammi shop :storm in florida, and yes, i parked the rig in lot of the next store over and put a mask on when i went into there shop. now that i'm in alaska napa sells it. love it, been running it sence the the break in period.

I've just put the Amsoil 0W-40 into the Foreman and I think it shifts more smoothly. I was going to play with the clutch adjustment, because sometimes it is really hard to upshift, but the new oil seems to have smoothed out the shifting. Before I ran Honda GN4 10W-40, which is not really what I wanted for Canadian winters. I'll be interested to see if cold starting is easier now.
My local NAPA parts store sells Amsoil products. Make sure you get the oil that is formulated for wet clutches.
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