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Aluminum Rims

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Which one has the factory Aluminum rims; the Rincon or the Rubicon. I may be getting my hands on a new set of Rincon rims tomarrow and I am hoping they are the "good" ones to put on my kid's Rancher!
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Both have aluminum wheels but you should be looking for Rubicon wheels thou.
Just curious, why?
Cause the Rubicon has the proper offset since it is SRA like your Foreman.
Oh, thanks man.
How much lighter are alluminum rims compared to stock? Make any difference?

I've always liked steel which is why I have them on my truck but I'm pretty curious about the weight difference.
aluminum will be alot lighter but they can crack easyer than steel will
What will I have to do to make them work on the Rancher? And, is it even worth the headache?
You don't need to do anything to make them work on the Rancher. As long as you get aluminum wheels for an SRA quad on a 4/110 bolt pattern the rest is pretty much irrelevant.
Maybe I should be more specific, what will i need to do to get the Rincon rims on the Rancher? A few posts up you mentioned offset.
I don't think that's possible. The wheels of the rincon are different than the Rancher. If your Rancher happens to be converted to IRS I don't think there is a more liable way to do it.
what about wheel spacers? my dad has a set of rims that came off of a IRS quad and he bought 2" wheel spacers and they do just fine.
You can, but why spend more money on wheel spacers instead of getting the correct wheel. It's a matter of choice but I prefer to have the correct wheels. I've seen some people doing what you just said but for some reason I don't dig the idea too much.
If you really want to keep the wheels then go ahead witht he spacers. Nothing wrong with that. Only thing is that wheels spacer are going to cost the same as 2 new wheels. The front wheels will work fine that you have, but if I were you Id sell the back wheels and use that money to buy the proper wheels.

Just my 2 cents.
That sounds like a plan! Thanks for all the input guys!
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