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Aluminum Products stick gaurds

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what is the difference between the stick gaurds made for a lift and the ones that are made to put on without a lift. i bought the ones to go without a lift because i told i was not going to put a lift but now i want to put a Perfex lift on. can anyone post a picture of a AP stick garud made for a lift. so i could modify mine to fit with the lift. any info would help

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Here you are. Seems like w/ the cut outs it wouls be the other way around. But this is how its listed on AP website.
i dont see how those cut outs will do anything.
and for a picture i meant a one that you have taking .
there has to be a difference somewhere around the inner boot and the outer boot if yall see what i am saying.
The ones for no lift look like they are giving more protection, because you cant see the outer boot with them, but with the ones for the lift u can see the outer boot.
this is what i am talkin about. i was thinking i would have to make mod. right there to make it fit with a lift.
I've got the Perfex Kit on my Foreman and i have the Oxlite boot guards on as well with no need to modify.
I have them on my Rubicon, and the bolt on my brake caliber was hitting when the stock shocks would bottom out. After I installed Elka I had to cut the raised lip next to the brake out to allow the tires to be fully turned. Has anyone else had this problem? It was not a hard hit but you could see where it made contact.
I beleive The difference is the notch next to the brake caliper w/o a lift the room for movement is very tight, so if you have a lift the lower control arm is at a greater angle, makeing the caliper closer so the notch is different.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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