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Aluminum Products Skid Plate Installation

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I'm picking up my new Rubicon in a couple of weeks and plan to order the Aluminum Products belly plate, skid plate with holster, Warn RT30, winch mounting plate and stik-gards. Everything "appears" to be a quick and easy bolt on deal but I always manage to turn "easy" projects into a weekend nightmare!! How much time will it take to install the winch and the full compliment of skid plates? Will I need a helper or is this a solo install? Will I need to tip the bike on it's rear to install the belly plate?

Lastly-- since I'm willing to drop about $900 for these goodies -- would anybody recommend a different or better skid plate manufacturer? It seems that Aluminum Products gets good feedback on the posts I've read here. Should I order them direct from their web site or is there a less expensive reseller I should consider?

Thanks for your time in helping a novice!
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i looked around for the best price for the ap skids and they were all about the same so i just ordered directly from the company. my warn 3000, i got from ebay, just kept looking and found a good deal on a new one, saving about $150.

on the install, the winch is about a 2 hour job that is with beer breaks. just undo the factory skid plates and bolt up the new ones. not much problem. you'll just need a little help flipping it on the back rack.

i put my contactor in the back "trunk". some people have problems with theirs leaking but mine stays dry. i drilled a hole coming out just above the battery for the wires and put some atv silicone on it to seal it back up. no problems.
To save you a pile of money, order a Gorilla winch off of ebay. I put one one my bike and it was unbelievable, not to mention it cost like $125.00 with the mounting bracket. the trunk is a perfect area for the contactor. If you put it there, definetely seal the holes up as well as the contactor itself The aluminum products are very easy to install. Save a little green by going to a site like and ordering them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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