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Aluminum Products Package???

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Just wanted some opinions from those that have purchased a skid plate and winch package from Aluminum Products. Were you pleased with the overall setup? The warn 2.5 package is $640 and the warn 3.0 package is $730. Is the additional $90 worth it? I haven't did alot of searching for individual pricing, I figured I'd start here first. I've got some tax money left over and I need to spend it before it ends up going to Mr. Bill Collector!

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I just finished my AP body armor kit for my 06 Foreman last night. It did take a while to put on though. Everything went on nice and smooth. It looks great and seems to be made very well. I went with the Warn 2.5. I think this winch will be enough for what I need to do. My bigfoot kit will be here today. So, I will wait 'till I can put tires on also, before I take pics.
I plan on getting the warn 3.0 package for the 730 as soon as I have some extra money.

But I would like Pics when you get them
the aluminum products package is an excellent one, I have over 1000 mile of abuse on mine and itts still holding up very well, I got the warn 2500 with mine and that was my only regret and if I were to do it again I would definately get the 3000.
Does the AP front skid plate mount in place of or simply in front of the silver plastic piece?
QUOTE ("stang67":23n6wu4v)
Does the AP front skid plate mount in place of or simply in front of the silver plastic piece?
You will remove the factory skid plates and replace the factory parts with the AP parts. The front skid plate replaces the silver Honda plastic plate, the full belly skid plate replaces the black Honda plastic belly skid plate, the stik-gards will replace the plastic cv-guards. These are top quality thick aluminum parts. Much better than Honda's skid plates and boot guards.
Ive rammed many trees with mine. No complaints here. I love my aluminum package from them.
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