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Aluminum Products or HL Belly Skid

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Ok I am going to get a Belly Skid Plate for my 2004 Foreman and I cant decide whether I want the Highlifter or Aluminum Products one? Hl seems to offer more protection than the AP, but I got the CV Guards and Bash Plate from AP and like them. So which one do you guys think is better and I should get. Also will the HL one work?
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I think the A.P. is thicker. Also I just installed one on my friends 500 Foreman. It covered the entire bottom.
Go with the AL products belly plate, very hoss and stout. My buddy TX mudslinger punched some holes in mine as to provide alittle better drainage.
Ya the belly plate protects EVERYTHING no holes to drain the mud when you wash except the hole to access the oil drain. so I modified SASQUATCH'S by punching 9, 1-1/2 holes in it for drainage
and it works so good!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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