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Aluminum Products install with pics and winch mount......

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I am going to post the step by step procedure for mounting a aluminum products skid plate, hook holster and a winch on a 2005 honda foreman 500s. I already own the stick guards. Now I just have to decide which winch to buy. I am considering either a warn 3.0ci or the new 3.0rt. I like the fact that both winches are sealed. Feedback on both winches would be of great help.

Pictures of the aluminum products skid plate, hook holster, and winch mount, not installed as they arrived today. The quality seems even better in person then online. I will post more when I get a chance to get them mounted on my foreman.
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I have everything you have installed on my 500, except with a 2.5ci. Just wanted to let you know it was fairly an easy install.
just installed mine maybe 2 weeks ago
I just installed the same equipment (sans skid) 2 weeks ago, the only hard part is keeping all 6 (?) washers on the long front bolts and tightening them up.

One thing I did do was hit all the alum parts with a coat of clear laquer before assembly. I've done this with other alum products that see a lot of mud and they are a LOT easier to clean off.

My nickels worth,

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