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99s battey went dead so I hijacked one to get home. Charged mine up to 12.3v put it back in started it up and had the same voltage 12.3v reved it up ,same thing. Were is the alternator located and how much $ is it. Or do I want to know???
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Most likely not the stator.. have your regulator checked is mounted to the frame on the rear above your rear brake.
If you enjoy working on your machine yourself I suggest investing in the Honda shop manual and (or) the Honda common service manual. They cost a little bit more (around $50 USD ea.) but are well worth the money. one of the aftermarket manuals is a little cheaper and better than nothing, but often dont have all the answers you need. you get so far and there at the end it says "take it to a qualified mechanic"

Happy trails
Okley Dokley thanks guys
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