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Alright,where are they???

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Alright,where exactly can I find all of my vent lines?where do they run to???
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1 for the front diff
1 for the rear diff
2 for the carb (both are directly undernieth the carb)
1 for the crank case
1 for the fan (so I hear?)

You can get away with just sealing the airbox cover with rubber gasket maker and not worry about the crank case line. If you relocate it you will need to put a filter on the end so dirt doesn't get down into it. I sealed my airbox up with rubber gasket maker and it worked 100% and came off as one piece so it wasn't messy at all.
to add ot that list is the rear brake the carb vents are wrap around the carb, the diffs, brake and fan are all ran into the front of the frame
what im asking is where EXACTLTy are they???And what can i use to run them longer??
the carb vent is located under the seat and the rest of the vents are located under the stirring stem stuck in the frame. Just cut a small piece of hose off and go to the auto store. they should also have a splice kit
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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